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As for many Linux users should have known, Mitter is one of my favorite open-source, and cross-platform client for Twitter, it’s a Linux native application runing both PyGTK and on a console/terminal.

The latest version of Mitter is 0.4.5, you can download it here or run yum install mitter in the command line to install it in your system.

I registered and begun to use Twitter last year, Mitter was my favorite Twitter client for a very long time since then in my laptop (running Fedora 10). It has the basic feature which any Twitter client should have, especially the latest 0.4.5 release, I had been using this version for quite a long time, although this version meets my needs and requirements, but it has a little problem: some Twitter followers’ profile images are displayed very large, which made the whole interface very ugly, see my previous screenshot for an example:

I know Mitter is open-sourced, but I know nothing about programming, and know nothing how to solve this problem as well.  However, one of Chinese bloggers and Linux fans solved this problem finally on his blog post, whom I know latter is also a Twitter user @shengbo, he hacked Mitter 0.4.5 and made my twitter experice much more better!

Hacked Mitter makes my twitter experience much more better

This hacked Mitter improved the following features including:

0, Resoved the bug of displaying large profile images
1,  Removed “What are you doing” above the input area, this line takes up too much spaces
2, Word count instead of the “Add” button
3, Hide menu bar, just press Alt+9 to hide the menubar to release more space
4, Refresh button at the left of input area
5, Alt+X to hide the whole Mitter window
6, System tray icon: click to toggle windows visibility

Thanks @shengbo, who made Mitter more amazing. To install this hacked Mitter, please run  git clone git://github.com/albert748/hacking-mitter.git in your terminal. Or you can download it directly from here.

BTW: A latest Linux (Ubuntu) Twitter and Identi.ca app

Today, I found a new Twitter project called wallDent. wallDent is a script that turns your desktop wallpaper into an identi.ca or Twitter timeline.

What a cool interface. Can anyone tell me how to compile and install in Fedora 10? Thanks in Advanced. (Source code is here https://code.launchpad.net/~nhandler/walldent/trunk)

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  1. "Today, I found a new Twitter project called wallDent. wallDent is a script that turns your desktop wallpaper into an identi.ca or Twitter timeline."

    More proof than ever that Twitter is mainly good people who never do anything actually useful with their computers. How can you use this if you're running, er, anything? 🙂

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