Easiyo Yogurt Maker with Lid Jar

 Easiyo Yogurt Maker with Lid Jar

Now you can make healthy yogurt at home without making a mess thanks to the Easiyo Yogurt Maker, which features a unique system that takes all the hard work out of making yogurt–as easy as making a cup of tea. With the Easiyo system, you’ll use the Yogurt Maker and Easiyo Base and Culture sachets (sold separately) to create fresh yogurt whenever you want it. Easiyo is not only the freshest yogurt you can get–with more beneficial live cultures in every spoonful (probiotic cultures that you need for your digestive and immune health)–it contains no artificial ingredients and more calcium than store bought yogurt. The Easiyo Yogurt Maker makes 1 quart of yogurt.

Where other home yogurt makers require the pre-heating of ingredients, thermometers, and other attention, the Easiyo Yogurt Maker utilizes a unique baffle system that produces the controlled heat needed to activate all the lactic cultures present in the Easiyo Base and Culture sachets. To make your Easiyo yogurt, just follow three simple steps:

  1. Half-fill the yogurt jar with cold drinking water. Thoroughly mix in the contents of an Easiyo sachet (add 2 to 4 tablespoons sugar if desired). Top up with more cold water. Replace lid and re-shake.
  2. Push the baffle down inside the Yogurt Maker as far as it will go. Pour boiling water into the Yogurt Maker to the top of the red baffle only.
  3. Place jar inside. The boiling water will rise up around the base of the jar. Put lid on Yogurt Maker. Leave a minimum of 6 to 8 hours or overnight until set. Then store the yogurt jar in the refrigerator (40 degrees F).

 Easiyo Yogurt Maker with Lid Jar

Always use a new Easiyo sachet to ensure all the lactic cultures are present in your yogurt every time. Hand wash the yogurt jar and lid thoroughly between use. Clean the Yogurt Maker with a damp cloth; do not immerse in water.

I was eager to try making homemade yoghurt. However, I knew if it was not easy and cheap,then I would not keep up with it. This yoghurt maker has been the answer to both! Please see the recipe below for making yoghurt with this yoghurt maker without the manufacturer recommended (expensive packets).

1. It is SOOO easy to figure out. Easy directions, no strict time, no electricity…. Follow the directions enclosed, of course. There is no plugging in and no super strict time that you have to adhere to. Basically, you have yoghurt in 8 hours but if you forget, it is still good until up to 24 hours. It just gets tarter as time goes on…Also, you don’t have to be worried about leaving the house with something plugged in because you don’t plug it in. It uses no electricity. You could easily leave the house in the morning and have yoghurt ready to be refrigerated that night.

2. It is SOOO easy to make the yoghurt. There are two ways to use it to make yoghurt.

a. The first way is easy and yummy but too expensive for my big family if you use it according to the manufacturer with water and the powders that Easiyo sells. Yum, but expensive unless you live in the UK, Australia or New Zealand. So it is easy but not cheap for us in the USA.

b. However, there is an easy way to make yoghurt with this yoghurt maker and keep the cost to a minimum.


4 CUPS OF MILK(organic, fat-free, full-fat, whatever)

1/2 CUP of POWDERED MILK (optional, use it if you like it thicker like Greek or Dannon yoghurt; if you like Yoplait or more European style, then leave it out…)

STARTER (use a tablespoon of organic plain yoghurt like Dannon Natural OR I read you can use a couple teaspoonfuls of the Easiyo packet of freeze dried powder they sell OR I read you can buy starter at your local natural food store, or ask a friend who makes yoghurt to give you a little from their batch so you can start your own…)


1. Put the milk in a microwave safe container and cover it loosely. Nuke it on high until it hits 180 degrees (each microwave it different but you’ll find how long yours takes to do this) so that it is scalded or do this stove top. OR eyeball it and stop the microwave just before it boils. This breaks down the cells of the milk so it gets a smoother yoghurt in the end. I read about this online in reference to the chemistry of yoghurt.

2. Put the milk in the fridge until it is COLD (if you want exact, then around 40 degrees F)… Put half the milk in the Easiyo container with the starter and the powdered milk (if you want the thicker yoghurt). Put on the lid. Shake and then add the remaining milk and shake up again. Keep the container in the fridge so it stays super cold until you insert it into the thermos. IF YOUR MILK MIXTURE IS NOT SUPERCOLD, YOU WILL KILL THE GOOD BACTERIA (THAT IS IN THE STARTER)WHEN YOU PUT IT INTO THE THERMOS THAT CONTAINS THE BOILING WATER & YOUR YOGHURT WILL NOT TURN OUT RIGHT….

3. Boil the water stove top to pour into the thermos, and proceed as directed in instructions.

4. Then 8 to 12 hours later you take it out. Don’t shake it, but put it into the fridge to completely chill. This helps further the growth of the good bacteria and gets it nice and thick. Yum! Be sure to save a few spoonfuls as starter for your next batch!

If you are a organic type, I have read nothing but great reviews on the probiotic organic yoghurt packet that Easiyo sells. Do your research, but you could use that Easiyo organic packet for your first batch and then use organic milk for subsequent batches… saving a little yoghurt to use as startern for the next batch each time…

I recommend getting another container and the lunch containers.

I recommend buying one or two packets of the Easiyo powder just to make your first batch. I keep saving a few tablespoons for the next batch. I read that you can do this about 6 months until you need to buy a fresh starter…


If you would like vanilla yoghurt, don’t use imitation vanilla as it prevents the yoghurt from thickening. Take one cup of your plain yoghurt, one TBS. sugar (or 1 packet artifical sweetener like Splenda or Tuvia) and a little vanilla, maybe some cinammon. Yum! I also add a little coffee to make coffee yoghurt sometimes… I am so addicted. I love Dannon Vanilla and Coffee Yoghurt so this is a treat for me!

I have a big family so I make a batch every morning and every evening just about.

I am saving about 1/2 the cost of vanilla dannon yoghurt I think, as it is just the cost of milk and optional powdered milk, some sugar, and some vanilla extract….

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