My Fedora 10 Free PDF Downloaded over 35,000 times


I remembered Fedora 10 was released in the nighth of Nov. 25th, 2008 at 22:00 pm Beijing Time, as soon as it’s available for download, published it’s great tutorial Fedora 10 Installation Guide, which I learned a lot from its Fedora 9 Installation Guide when I tried Fedora (Fedora 9, this is the first Linux distro I tried and installed in my entire hard disk) for the 1st time, it’s really helpful for a Linux and Fedora newbie. I didn’t sleep all the night but translated it into Chinese, to do my best to help others who wants to try the latest Fedora distro. Although I keeped translating this great guide for a whole night, but only finished its first 8 chapters, with 2 Fedora fans’ help the second day, we finally submited to a Chinese version.

Although Alex named his work “Fedora 10 Installation Guide”, but he taught us almost all things about Fedora 10 system configration (these are all things needed to do after Fedora 10 installed) and Fedora frequently-used software installation and configration, it’s not good enough as someone didn’t know how to install Fedora 10 in his hard disk at all, and, what’s the most important, was, he knows nothing about Chinese, and Chinese-language opensource software, so he didn’t write any howtos about that.

In the next few days after Fedora 10 released, I compiled another free PDF guide. I read the Fedora 10 realse note, and collected lots of other information about their fed back or guides after they tried Fedora 10 from BBS or forums together, and published my own PDF to the public, and updated it for 2 times.

Those days after this PDF was published to the public, my Chinese blog attracted hundreds of visitors a day for the download address, and many Fedora users helped me to spread in other forums. I didn’t ever know this kind of document is in a so large demand, but I think it’s useful for them.


Today when I visit Google Code fedora-zh project again, I found my PDF was download over 35,000 times in all after I moved it here, and this number is still counting 😀 that is to say, tens of thousands of people downloaded my PDF,  I think I did a good job.

I got to know these days Fedora 10 Nears 1 Million Users Mark (here’s the official statistics), I am really happy to hear this news, as I tried to promote it in China and Chinese-speaking countries. Fedora is the distro I’d always trust, as so many people worldwide chose it, spread it, and get involved in.

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