Some of my personal sites

I have some other sites on the net except and too, which are all hosted on my Bluehost. Today, I sorted them out, and write down here, so that I will not forget.

  1. Lifestream | Pengjiayou This is my personal lifestreaming site power by Sweetcron. [Username: jiayou]
  2. Feeds on Feeds It is my personal feed reader, even though I prefer Google Reader. [Username: admin/jiayou]
  3. Charles’ Personal Chinese Blog Another of my free WordPress-based blog hosted on Blog.35, I backed up my former Make Money Online Blogging blog here. And I seldom post new entries here. [OpenID:]

Some more:

Even more:

  2. A fedora user group on Visit here for more info.
  3. Fedora Notes RSS. What I write about Fedora.
  4. I share what I am interested in on the net with you. Come and have a look if you like.
  5. RSS Feed of Charles’ Chinese Blog.
  6. My personal search engine power by Google.

And ……

haha, the end…

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