Some useful tools for international trading (1)

I attended an Alibaba international trading course on how to increase your business using free online web 2.0 services at Sanyou International Hotel today. This course is held by Alibaba China Suppliers Service Department, and lectured by Mr. Wang Sheng from Yiwu Jiade Network Technology Ltd, who’s a very handsome, and humorous guy, his interesting lectures amused and impressed all of us.

In his lecture, he introduced us a lot of very useful resources/tools to help us enlarging our business, these tools are all popular web 2.0 services, which make foreign trading more easy and efficient, and most of them are completely free of charge.

I like trying new and popular web 2.0 sites so much, and in fact, I know most of these sites he mentioned, however, I didn’t ever know they’re so useful & helpful in foreign trading, that’s what I got from this lecture today.

[youtube 7PKDiWU2WHY]

In his lecture, he played a very nice music, which I remembered so clearly. I found it in his blog, it’s name is Children of The Earth / Ayur, and if you like, play it whenever you want. 🙂

In my later posts, I will share some useful tools with all of you to give you a hand on your trading. So, if you are interested, please subscrible my blog with Google Reader now.

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